Friday 28 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - An Unforgettable Journey Towards Gangotri Glacier

This Gangotri - Gomukh trek ends leaving behind lots of sweet memories. I have shared photos and videos in my previous posts. This is the last entry on Gangotri - Gomukh Trek! Plan for whereabouts of the next trek is already on! So, you may expect more trek stories! Plus, I'll share few orthodox THINK-AND-GO travel stories I undertook very recently. Do visit my blog and share your comments!


Enjoying Snowfall
Subrata, Raju & Me

On the way! Sandipan, Sanjib & me! 
Subhra & me
Pijush Basu
Our Guide, Bipin Singh (Very knowledgeable and energetic)
Bipin whatsapped me couple of days ago. Anyone interested to trek that region, please call me. I will be more than happy to share his number. I don't want to share his number in Public Blog to protect him from overdose of Sales Calls. I have already shared his contact nos. with some of my friends. And all of them are very much satisfied with his service.

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