Tuesday, 6 August 2019

Observation of Aranya Saptaha 2019 - অরণ্য সপ্তাহ ২০১৯ উদযাপন

Planting Trees, Keshab da, Soumit, Santanu & Me
অরণ্য সপ্তাহ ২০১৯ উদযাপন
Celebration of Aranya Saptaho 2019 was done with great enthusiasm from Hitarthi Prangan on the the 21st day of July, 2019. We collected saplings from Forest Department, Government of West Bengal. The saplings were distributed among the local inhabitants. The program was headed by the work force of Santoshpur Prof. Satyandranath Bose Science Circle. What I loved most is that the way our team was inquiring every individual looking for free saplings. 

হিতার্থী প্রাঙ্গণে ২১-শে জুলাই উদযাপিত হল অরণ্য সপ্তাহ। পশিমবঙ্গ সরকারের বনবিভাগ থেকে আনা চারাগাছগুলি তুলে দেওয়া হয় সন্তোষপুরের সাধারণ এলাকাবাসীর হাতে। প্রায় ঘণ্টা দুয়েকের এই অনুষ্ঠানের সমাপ্তি হয় এই শপথ নিয়ে যে আবার পরের বছর আমরা আসব চারাগাছ বিতরণ করতে। 
আয়োজনে - সন্তোষপুর প্রফেসর সত্যেন্দ্রনাথ বসু সায়েন্স সার্কেল।


Few sample conversations:-

Our team: What are you looking for here? Any specific plant? Do you have a plot of land?
Response: Nope! I don't have land. I want to plant it on roof-top.

Response: Oh! Ok!
Bappa Donating Saplings, Keshabda Registering Recipients' Name

Young saplings waiting for home
Soumit handling young saplings

Proud to get ownership of a sapling
Young sapling distributed by our young brigrade

Plants in the queue for perfect home

Soumit donating plants

Me with Subhashis holding young plant
Me with Prasenjit

Donation of Saplings at SOMONWYI Club
Great Feelings

Honestly, distribution of saplings is not like cleaning gutter. It needs passion. Donation of a sapling calls for diligent selection of proper caregiver as without care no sapling can survive. There were demands for both fruit as well as flowering plants. Species include, guava, jack fruit, amla (AMLAKI), pomegranate - just to name a few. This two-hour long event ended up with the promise to come back with plants in the next year.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Hitharthi Prangan ( Well Wishers' Courtyard) - Clothings for Under Privileged Persons

An awesome Sunday as we spent hours to arrange and organise clothings for the under privileged persons at Santoshpur under the banner of Santoshpur Prof. Satyendranath Bose Science Circle. 

The event took place on Jun 30, 2019, Santoshpur, Kolkata - 700066

Subhashis, Santanu, Keshab da, Chhoton, Prasenjit, Bappa

Santanu, Prasenjit, Sudip, Bappa & Me
Keshab Da, Santanu & Me
Hitarthi Prangan, Santoshpur
Clothes are staked up for the under privileged persons to take up!

HITHARTHI PRANGAN ( Well Wishers' Courtyard ), Santoshpur

Saturday, 29 June 2019

PURI - Before & After Cyclone Fani

Puri is the second home of people of Bengal. Coming back to Puri gives endless joys. And with gracious presence of Al Mighty Lord Jagannath (Puri Temple), Puri, the vast sea beach, plentiful of affordable accommodation, nearby tourist point of interests like Nandan Kanan, Surya Mandir at Konarak, Chilka Lagoon and many more - Puri is emotionally attached with Bengalis. 

Well, honest I am a frequent goer to Puri and this time on two occasion - just before and after Cyclone Fani. We witnessed the same joys that Puri offers us invariably during my visit to Puri before Fani. But after Cyclone Fani, we witnessed traces of devastating damages everywhere. From Bhubaneswar to Puri - the falling roadside trees, severely damaged homes, bent electric poles, glass windows of hotels - totally smashed, and finally the Puri Station - that's a disaster! The famous Kalpabata (The Great Banyan Tree) inside the Jagannath Temple has also broken down!

Jagannath Temple, Puri

Jolly Di, my mother & me

But the spirit never dies! Puri is gaining its rhythm in full momentum. Restoration works of Railway Stations, Electric Poles, Roadside Stalls, Damaged Households are on in full swing. Hope to see Puri shinning with full glory ASAP.



Family Moment - My Mother & Jolly Di

Evening at Puri - Prasenjit & me (After Fani)

Waiting for Dinner, Puri
Not only this hotel but also entire Puri seems to be rather unusually marooned. And finally, watch this video (Puri after Cyclone Fani)! 

Please do share your views & comments!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - An Unforgettable Journey Towards Gangotri Glacier

This Gangotri - Gomukh trek ends leaving behind lots of sweet memories. I have shared photos and videos in my previous posts. This is the last entry on Gangotri - Gomukh Trek! Plan for whereabouts of the next trek is already on! So, you may expect more trek stories! Plus, I'll share few orthodox THINK-AND-GO travel stories I undertook very recently. Do visit my blog and share your comments!


Enjoying Snowfall
Subrata, Raju & Me

On the way! Sandipan, Sanjib & me! 
Subhra & me
Pijush Basu

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Monday, 10 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - Returning Back to Gangotri

We The Team of Seven! After completion of our project!

Any trek / expedition is a round-way journey! Return is never easy as you get tired, you have less muscular energy duly followed by lethargy to pave each step carefully as you have to negotiate the same trails, this time just in the reverse direction. More descents and less ascents! But journey way back was as amazing as the forward one!

Returning from Bhojbasa to Chirbasa

What a shade of color all around!

We walked through marvel!

Gangotri Temple - Jai Maa Ganga!

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - from Bhojbasa to Gomukh

Today the journey must start as early as possible! We started at around 6:30 am. Walking through boulders is never easy, followed by rocky zone and eventually through the pebbles, stones, ice, and myriads of streams over Gangotri glacier to reach GOMUKH. 

But lucky we were! Fortunate we were by the grace of Ganga Maa! 

We got the clearest view of snow-peaks, Mt. Shivlinga & Bagirathi - I, II and III as the Sun on that day burst into laughter to usher His blessings over the snow-peaks all around us creating a hetherto unseen world of mesmerising natural beauty.

Morning, GMVN Camp, Bhojbasa

Everything is under SNOW Curtain, Bhojbasa to Gomukh

Few trails through boulders were really challenging!

But views like this will never get you tired!

Clear view of Bhagirathi - I, II and III Peak

Team Leader, Pijush Bose - in full control despite steep ascent and negotiating large boulders while walking towards Gomukh

Mt. Shivling

Sanjib engaging in icy activities!

Finally at GOMUKH

Me at Gomukh, finally!
We have made it finally!


Gangortri - Gomukh Trek - From Chirbasa to Bhojbasa

The path has become challenging. Steep ascents followed by sharp descents, turns, rock-fall zones, dusty-mountain trails, muds, frozen ice - that you have to negotiate! And to top it all - boulders! This terrain is more challenging! And you get exposed to snow peaks lying at touchable distance. 

You have to negotiate these ice - glaciers! No margin of error!

Boulders - boulders everywhere - this is what awaits you now!

Walk over the boulders, near Bhojbasa! The snow-peaks are so close!

Mesmerising Snowfall at Bhojbasa

Bhojbasa Camp : Its whitish layer of snow that creates this perfect makeover
The GMVN is best place to stay at Bhojbasa though tad pricy. They have good accommodations, the dinner is served burning hot, hot drinking water, hot teas! All that you need before taking a tedious journey through the boulders from the very onset of the Sun to reach Gomukh!