Monday, 10 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - Returning Back to Gangotri

We The Team of Seven! After completion of our project!

Any trek / expedition is a round-way journey! Return is never easy as you get tired, you have less muscular energy duly followed by lethargy to pave each step carefully as you have to negotiate the same trails, this time just in the reverse direction. More descents and less ascents! But journey way back was as amazing as the forward one!

Returning from Bhojbasa to Chirbasa

What a shade of color all around!

We walked through marvel!

Gangotri Temple - Jai Maa Ganga!

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - from Bhojbasa to Gomukh

Today the journey must start as early as possible! We started at around 6:30 am. Walking through boulders is never easy, followed by rocky zone and eventually through the pebbles, stones, ice, and myriads of streams over Gangotri glacier to reach GOMUKH. 

But lucky we were! Fortunate we were by the grace of Ganga Maa! 

We got the clearest view of snow-peaks, Mt. Shivlinga & Bagirathi - I, II and III as the Sun on that day burst into laughter to usher His blessings over the snow-peaks all around us creating a hetherto unseen world of mesmerising natural beauty.

Morning, GMVN Camp, Bhojbasa

Everything is under SNOW Curtain, Bhojbasa to Gomukh

Few trails through boulders were really challenging!

But views like this will never get you tired!

Clear view of Bhagirathi - I, II and III Peak

Team Leader, Pijush Bose - in full control despite steep ascent and negotiating large boulders while walking towards Gomukh

Mt. Shivling

Sanjib engaging in icy activities!

Finally at GOMUKH

Me at Gomukh, finally!
We have made it finally!


Gangortri - Gomukh Trek - From Chirbasa to Bhojbasa

The path has become challenging. Steep ascents followed by sharp descents, turns, rock-fall zones, dusty-mountain trails, muds, frozen ice - that you have to negotiate! And to top it all - boulders! This terrain is more challenging! And you get exposed to snow peaks lying at touchable distance. 

You have to negotiate these ice - glaciers! No margin of error!

Boulders - boulders everywhere - this is what awaits you now!

Walk over the boulders, near Bhojbasa! The snow-peaks are so close!

Mesmerising Snowfall at Bhojbasa

Bhojbasa Camp : Its whitish layer of snow that creates this perfect makeover
The GMVN is best place to stay at Bhojbasa though tad pricy. They have good accommodations, the dinner is served burning hot, hot drinking water, hot teas! All that you need before taking a tedious journey through the boulders from the very onset of the Sun to reach Gomukh!

Gongatri - Gomukh Trek - From Gangotri National Park to Chirbasa

Walking down the foothills of Himalayas has its own charm! Roads are always challenging with Down / Up - Down / Up structure! It takes lungful of air to negotiate some steep ascents! But the greeneries and the 3-D panoramic views will never make you tired! Just enjoy the walk through the nature and keep going!

Crossing a temporary bridge! Needs some steady nerve for the first timers! Later on you are sure to enjoy more than anything else!

View from Chirbasa Camp Site

Guide Bipin Singh and Me, Chirbasa

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - Towards Gangotri Nation Park Entry

Today our trek starts! It does not take long to watch the Gangotri temple gradually reducing to point-size as we proceeds towards the entry point of Gangotri National Park!
Forget not to take permission from Maa Ganga

Memerised Sanjib
Journey starts as the Sun peeping behind the snow peak

Way to Gangotri National Park

Subrata - Yes! Keep the spirit going!

The Views That Never Makes You Tired

Gangotri National Park Entry Point

Keep the papers ready. They will check for approval from DFO. They will inspect your bags. They charged us a token amount for carrying plastic bags with the condition that the amount is refundable if we could show them the plastic garbages.

And we feel proud to confirm we have not left any plastic garbages - not even a chocolate cover - inside the forest area!

Mountains here are greener!

Blue Sheep - we did not find them!

Mountain Peaks Lying Fur Away

These peaks become visible as we approach close to GOMUKH!


Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - at Gangotri Temple

And finally when we reach Gangotri, it rains! It rains! We found pilgrims peculiarly covering themselves in white rain cloth!
Gangotri Temple

A view of Gangotri Temple from Kali Kamli, Gangotri - The temple looks gorgeous and on the bank of river Bhagirathi surrounded by snow peaked mountains - its sanctity appeals even the atheist

Pilgrims outside Gangotri Temple

View of Gangotri
Gushing Bhagirathi

Harbari Baba, as named by Sanjeeb, who dragged us on a large stone standing dangerously on the bank of river Bhagirathi to have a spectacular view of Lord Ganesha on mountain curvings

This Sadhu baba was rather calm and cool and guided us through the mud / stone roads to explore few spots of religious importance!


Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - Uttarkashi to Gangotri

We started early! This time in a privately hired vehicle. Rate sounds reasonable. The driver was a local hero, who flied the vehicle through the undulating roadways, sometimes through dangerously narrowing roads! Midway, we halted. Rain. And look! This is the captain at Car Top! He admits, this was the first time he climbed the rooftop of a vehicle!

Pijush Basu, top of the vehicle! The driver watches spellbound, as if what goes on!

En route Gangotri
Tea Break