Monday 10 June 2019

Gangotri - Gomukh Trek - Towards Gangotri Nation Park Entry

Today our trek starts! It does not take long to watch the Gangotri temple gradually reducing to point-size as we proceeds towards the entry point of Gangotri National Park!
Forget not to take permission from Maa Ganga

Memerised Sanjib
Journey starts as the Sun peeping behind the snow peak

Way to Gangotri National Park

Subrata - Yes! Keep the spirit going!

The Views That Never Makes You Tired

Gangotri National Park Entry Point

Keep the papers ready. They will check for approval from DFO. They will inspect your bags. They charged us a token amount for carrying plastic bags with the condition that the amount is refundable if we could show them the plastic garbages.

And we feel proud to confirm we have not left any plastic garbages - not even a chocolate cover - inside the forest area!

Mountains here are greener!

Blue Sheep - we did not find them!

Mountain Peaks Lying Fur Away

These peaks become visible as we approach close to GOMUKH!


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