Tuesday 12 February 2019

Gotta Seddho - How to Cook Gota Seddho - A Video Guide from my Mother

Just a tribute to my mother - she cooks this traditional delicacy each year with the same devotion, dedication and emotion. I know not what helps her continue this delivery even at 75+.

Fortunate to be her son.

Here goes the guide.

Swaraswati Puja 2019 - Spending Splendid Moments

Devi Swaraswati
For me no day goes without solving a problem. Swaraswati Puja is no different. The worship under supervision of holy priest conducted from 5:15 am and it was over by 6:00 am. It was still half-an-hour to go before the Sun rise. But among the mystic nearly-going winter morning, the chants of Slokas, Ringing of KANSOR-GHANTA, worship using different components including PANCHA-PRADIP ( a penta-faced lamp) - these all create the moments that we wait for through out the year since our childhood as Swaraswati Devi is known for the Goddess of Education and Fine Arts.

Here goes few pictures:-
Puja arrangement at home

The priest engaged in puja

Maa Swaraswati during Arati

Aarati is on

PANCHA PRADIP - Five-faced Lamp

Swaraswati Bandana @mySecondHome

School Buddies & Neighbours at Kidderpore Upanayan Party

Recently met with my school buddies while attending a 'must-attend' invitation. Time management is the toughest challenge I have to deal with these days. That day was no different. Anyway, enjoyed every moment for the warm hospitality of our hosts - our childhood family friend and their family members, and surely meeting with old friends was the most happening events of that grand evening party! Thanks you guys for keeping me in your mind after so long years of gap!


Mother, Khusi, Arunima, Sujata Kakima and our dearest Kaku

We are a larger family

Gorgeously decorated venue

Me,  Triranjan & Sanjib - a meet after long years!

Bye - bye dear friends. This is really one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. Hope to see you again.

SAVE INDIA Campaign Led by Hon'ble CM Mamata Banerjee

Witnessed the CROWD gathered at Y-channel. Listened to her singing with Indranil Sen.

Near Save India Campaign Mancha

Save India Campaign with Mourya Sir

Unprecedented Mass Gathering near Dharna Mancha

We have to say far away from the Main Mancha
P.S. Sorry for the poor quality of Video as it was hard to capture the video because of constant push-and-pull from everywhere around!

Monday 11 February 2019

Republic Day 2019 - Amazing Experience at Sundarpahari

Wonderful Sight of Sundarpahari

This Republic Day was special for me. On a mission mode, we had to visit Sundarpahari and got the opportunity to witness Dakiya Yojana - a scheme for people belonging to Primitive Tribal Community to get ration once in a month for FREE.

On a mission mode

With Primitive Tribes

With Primitive Tribes

All Paharins and Paharias are returning to their native village following steep and undulated hilly terrains

Celebration of Republic Day 2019

Gathering before distribution of Ration

Bye Bye All - You are the most amazing community of people I have ever met

After end of this journey, once again I have to say, I love India because of her amazing diversity of population and each one is filled with the most amazing heart!