Sunday 11 February 2018

Science Exhibition at St. Teresa's, Our New Macbook & Few More Stories

Out from Facebook does not mean I'm out from the world. It is still rolling at its own gentle pace.

Nope! Its not gentle but rapid!

Hrishika had her great day at School, St. Teresa's Secondary School, on Science Exhibition. The picture is from their group of friends during that event. All of the kids had a aspiring lovable smile as I headed on to capture the snap, as if, I were an Ei-somoy photo journalist, and, the story would be featured on Page 3 the very next day.

God, give them believe. Never trigger an occasion that will earthquake their beliefs in positive things of life, beliefs on people around them, and most importantly self belief.

Also, I thought our New Macbook Air deserves a full post. Dear Mr. Jobes Sir, wherever you are now, be sure brand Apple is something amazing it will remain so for years to come.

Sorry no more now.

Just enjoy the picture.

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