Monday 11 February 2019

Republic Day 2019 - Amazing Experience at Sundarpahari

Wonderful Sight of Sundarpahari

This Republic Day was special for me. On a mission mode, we had to visit Sundarpahari and got the opportunity to witness Dakiya Yojana - a scheme for people belonging to Primitive Tribal Community to get ration once in a month for FREE.

On a mission mode

With Primitive Tribes

With Primitive Tribes

All Paharins and Paharias are returning to their native village following steep and undulated hilly terrains

Celebration of Republic Day 2019

Gathering before distribution of Ration

Bye Bye All - You are the most amazing community of people I have ever met

After end of this journey, once again I have to say, I love India because of her amazing diversity of population and each one is filled with the most amazing heart!

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  1. Your mission is very important to diversity of population. Nice thinking. Thank you...Jolly di


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