Thursday 3 January 2019

Bandhavgarh, Bandhavgarh National Park Safari - A Splendid Journey

Happy New Year 2019! After couple of years of break from my touring schedule, somehow managed time to venture into the world of adventure travel once again. This led my pathway to Bandhavgarh National Park, as a part of touring parts of Madhya Pradesh during the penultimate week of 2018.

The weather was chillingly cool and some of our co-travelers struggled to coup up with the cold. The safari starts either early in the morning from 6:30 - 10:00 am or in the afternoon from 3:00 pm  onwards for three hours. 

Bandhavgarh National Park :-
The terrain is not like Rajaji National Park (a travel through River Bed and Mountains), however, it has its own charm to move over the gravel road through densely populated trees and plantations in the jungle over Jeepsy Car. We got to meet with few dears, wild boars, parrots, lemurs and fortunate to find Royal Bengal Tiger footprint. But for obvious reason, there was no trace of the jungle monster nearby. I persuaded with our guide to help us find a tiger but he apologized. 

No more in words. Here goes few snapshots:-

Siddhartha Bhattacharyya Inside Narmada Resort, Bandhavgarh
Me inside our Resort, Narmada Resort, Bandhavgarh

Me with our local guide at Bandhavgarh
Me with our local guide

Wild Boar at Bandhavgarh
Wild Boar

Footprint of Royal Bengal Tiger at Bandhavgarh
Footprint of Royal Bengal Tiger

Natural Drinking Water Resource at Bandhavgarh Forest
Natural Drinking Water Resource

Two of my most enthusiastic travel partners - my mother & Jolly di
Two of my most enthusiastic travel partners - my mother & Jolly di

Wild Dear at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve
Wild Dear
Wild dears spectacular relaxing under soft sun beam and literally posing for the picture
Wild dears spectacular relaxing under soft sun beam and literally posing for the picture



This tree has stunning bright whitish bark - local people calls them Bhutni Tree as they are found to glitter like GHOSTS in moonlit nights.

Do watch this video of how the dears are enjoying the warmth of early morning sunshine!

How To reach Bandhavgarh :-

We traveled by train from Howrah to Katni Junction, and from Katni  a 4 hours bus journey took us to Bandhavgarh. Other than the National Park and Tiger Reserve Forest, we visited JWALAMUKHI - a place which has traces of volcanic eruptions that took place long ago. I'll share more update on Jwalamukhi in the coming blog post.

You can search online to book a resort inside the Jungle area or just within the town itself which is located close to the Jungle. And tigers visit these places frequently being close to Reserve Forest!

We stayed at Narmada Resort, Bandhavgarh which has good food supplies - but bit expensive though and fair amount of hot water supplies! A must have to combat around  4 - 6 degree Celsius mercury level.

Happy Reading!

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