Saturday 1 February 2020

Ranchi to Ramgarh to Saraswati Puja, January 2020 Concluded in Great Meriment

With my friend, philosopher & guide, Prasenjit - we moved together after a long gap of more than two months!!!

Well, as obvious in my life, travel is always on the card - traveling to unique places is something I like and get the opportunity to visit rather 'not-so-tourist' friendly places. But love to visit those places as this gives me the best interaction with Common Indians, the most lovable people in this globe!

First of all, I will share few random photos! Here is the picture of a fabulous aquascape crafted by Vikramjit of Aquatic Pet Store, I could have easily stylized it more, but the raw picture captured via mobile will keep authenticity. This guy, a local fish buddy, is a master-mind in crafting aquascape.

All Natural High Tech Planted Tank at Aquatic Pet Store
This fall here goes a glimpse of pictures I captured on Ranchi Tour! It was amazing the way plants with fresh flowers were placed everywhere!

Some beautiful flowers at Ranchi

This fabulous flowers will definitely deserve your appreciation

Behold the Contrast of Color

And here goes the vibrance

All Natural White Flower
Meanwhile, India witnessed a bandh, and after many years, the life came to almost a standstill at Salt Lake. Barely any trace of IT guys were visible here! As you can see, the cycles are all in the stand.

This is a snapshot I captured on Bandh Day at Sector -V, Salt Lake City! It was totally like a rest day!
This was a picture of my visit at BNR, Garden Reach Campus. The place takes a flying look during winter as the gardeners leave no stone unturned to create a festive makeover.

Beautiful Garden maintained at Garden Reach
Beautiful floral decor at BNR

AT SER, Office Complex, Garden Reach
A morning can't start in a better way that to have famous mountaineer Sri Subinoy Das with me! He shares lots and lots of titbits of mountaineering while we walk together. 

Morning delight - with famous mountaineer, Sri Subinoy Das
 This is a selfie, I get to take with my long time friend-cum-philosopher-cum-guide Prasenjit, oflate awkwardly busy in myriads of activities of his own, I was fortunate to get him to stay with me during my Ramgarh tour! Ramgarh is a beautiful place to hang out just 47 km away from State Capital, Ranchi. The place is surrounded by beautiful hillocks. A part of Chhotonagpur Plateau, I love to meet the local tribal people, who are really hard working, honest and very caring! It has always been my pleasure to be here!

With my friend, philosopher & guide, Prasenjit - we moved together after a long gap of more than two months!!!

Beautiful Compound at Ramgarh, Jharkhand

Landscape at Ramgarh, Jharkhan
Beautiful garden at Ramgarh
  A glimpse of early sunrise! This is a place near Bengal as we drove in towards the City of Joy
The Sun peeped through as we moved along the Highway
 And finally, we observed Saraswati puja with great enthusiasm this year! I was at home to witness the holy rituals this year. The priest, happen to be our Bengali Sir, arrived at around 7:30 am in the morning and completed the puja rituals at around 8:00 am. We offered holy prayer to the Goddess of Learning! And this is a picture of my beloved nieces, dressed in traditional yellow clothing, for that special day!

I wish them all the GOOD WISHES i could have for this special day and for many more bright days ahead in their life. So that was really one of the most happening January month ever! Hope to get things going in the coming months as well!

Good night!

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