Tuesday 28 March 2017

Uber Coupons

Dear Rider, take 3 Uber rides and get 50% off next 3 rides. Valid till Apr 4?

This is the sms I got this morning. Since then I have taken 3 trips - 2 in the day time, and now one more. So, I have completed 3 trips. But now I got this message:

You've completed 1 trip. Take 2 more trips to get 50% off next 3 trips. Promo code sent on completion of 3rd trip. Valid till Apr 4’2017. Max Disc Rs 50/ride

So, again something is wrong at your end. Please check my trips and send me the promo code as i have completed 3 trips already.



### ### ###
This the message I sent to Uber right now. Let's see what they reply.

Meanwhile, there was another GoDaddy coupon email that did not work. I emailed GoDaddy as well. They have not replied yet.

Can any listen?

Saturday 4 March 2017