Monday 9 September 2019

How to Prepare for Mathematics Examination (Last night before exam)

Well. Math exam is here. And now my lad is ready to take a delicious sip of Math Magic. It is no brainer that you shall struggle. But if there is will , there is way. So, this is the checklist of things must you do to avoid disaster:

1. Practice construction. 
2. Then practice Graph
3. Then mug up few values of Trigonometry
4. Mug up few formulae of mensuration, like , area, perimeter, volume etc.
5. Finally comes your saviour, Mr. Algebrea. Go through the formulae, solve 2/3 equations, 2/3 types of factors, and find value.
These are really helpful to build confidence, trust me. Besides, don't go for the toughest sums. Go for the easier problems. In any examination, the papers are set keeping in view potentials of students with different levels of abilities. So, you may expect most questions to be easy while few (usually less than 20 - 30%, twisted. Just ensure your slice of bread and have a enjoyable test.

If you happen to visit this page well before examination, I would say to prepare your SECRET COPY for Math. Write down the following in that copy from the very beginning:
1. Construction
2. Theorems in Geometry
3. Algebra formula with 4/5 typical problems on each formulae.
4. Menstruations formula and 4/5 typical use of each formulae.
5. Statistics - 1/2 sample problems from each chapter
6. Co ordinate - Each formulae plus 2 sample problem on each formulae

That's done.
Just enjoy your Mathematics test and remember this world has lots of better things for you apart from Math. So, instead of getting panicked, concentrate on your SECRET COPY and other wonderful aspects of life like gardens full of flowers, great dinner you must have once the test is over, company of your friends. 

Well for those still not sure how to sum up the staff, my suggestion is to collect a good summary book.
Oswaal Book

I have found one from Amazon, Oswaal Sample Questions Book for Mathematics. The book gives summary of all essential chapters including all formula and mind map. Priced really low, you must grab your copy. Otherwise, just create your secret companion. 
Anyway, if you like this quick note, please let me know.

I drafted this while preparing my Class - IX students for Half Yearly Exam.

With little modification, you can apply the same strategy to combat Math exam of any standard.

Enjoy. Happy Reading.

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