Saturday 29 June 2019

PURI - Before & After Cyclone Fani

Puri is the second home of people of Bengal. Coming back to Puri gives endless joys. And with gracious presence of Al Mighty Lord Jagannath (Puri Temple), Puri, the vast sea beach, plentiful of affordable accommodation, nearby tourist point of interests like Nandan Kanan, Surya Mandir at Konarak, Chilka Lagoon and many more - Puri is emotionally attached with Bengalis. 

Well, honest I am a frequent goer to Puri and this time on two occasion - just before and after Cyclone Fani. We witnessed the same joys that Puri offers us invariably during my visit to Puri before Fani. But after Cyclone Fani, we witnessed traces of devastating damages everywhere. From Bhubaneswar to Puri - the falling roadside trees, severely damaged homes, bent electric poles, glass windows of hotels - totally smashed, and finally the Puri Station - that's a disaster! The famous Kalpabata (The Great Banyan Tree) inside the Jagannath Temple has also broken down!

Jagannath Temple, Puri

Jolly Di, my mother & me

But the spirit never dies! Puri is gaining its rhythm in full momentum. Restoration works of Railway Stations, Electric Poles, Roadside Stalls, Damaged Households are on in full swing. Hope to see Puri shinning with full glory ASAP.



Family Moment - My Mother & Jolly Di

Evening at Puri - Prasenjit & me (After Fani)

Waiting for Dinner, Puri
Not only this hotel but also entire Puri seems to be rather unusually marooned. And finally, watch this video (Puri after Cyclone Fani)! 

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