Tuesday 12 February 2019

Swaraswati Puja 2019 - Spending Splendid Moments

Devi Swaraswati
For me no day goes without solving a problem. Swaraswati Puja is no different. The worship under supervision of holy priest conducted from 5:15 am and it was over by 6:00 am. It was still half-an-hour to go before the Sun rise. But among the mystic nearly-going winter morning, the chants of Slokas, Ringing of KANSOR-GHANTA, worship using different components including PANCHA-PRADIP ( a penta-faced lamp) - these all create the moments that we wait for through out the year since our childhood as Swaraswati Devi is known for the Goddess of Education and Fine Arts.

Here goes few pictures:-
Puja arrangement at home

The priest engaged in puja

Maa Swaraswati during Arati

Aarati is on

PANCHA PRADIP - Five-faced Lamp

Swaraswati Bandana @mySecondHome


  1. Your family invited me last two years but I am very sorry not to participate your Puja. I am feeling unlucky unable to attend this Puja.. Jolly di

  2. Make a plan for the coming year. Please do visit. You will surely have great time.


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