Friday 3 August 2018

Learning Laravel [FAQ]

One of the most famous PHP Framework of this era, how can I turn my face away from Laravel even though WP covers the majority of the days. Well this is exactly not a how-tos tutorial, rather, a much needed compilation of different laravel tricks and tricks that worked for me during development phases of a new application. Hope it helps someone struggling for authoritative solutions. Pardon me, if it sounds confusing. Stay blessed.

Question: How to know laravel version?
  1. Open your TERMINAL
  2. Go to laravel installation directory. For me, I fired cd ~/Sites/laravel-blog
  3. Now fire the command php artisan --version
Reply: Laravel Framework 5.6.29

  1. PHP Framework
  2. Requires PHP Version 7.2 (It worked for me. Version 7.1 had error.)

Laravel after first install
Soothing Laravel after first install

Tutorials for Laravel Framework 5.6.29

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