Sunday 11 October 2015

Happy Mahalaya 2015

Happy Mahalaya!

We can smell the aroma of festivity in the air here in Kolkata as mesmerizing Bengal drummers are rehearsing hard to make the BIG days even bigger, while organizers of PUJA-OF-ALL-SCALE are working tirelessly to give their PANDELS that special effect for the expected millions of night long pandel hoppers during the Puja, and while everyone with tad traces of Bengali SENTIMENT is gearing up to get flooded in the festive mood.

It comes only once in a year. It comes every year. And its charms have never been fading off. Rather, we have seen even more enthusiasm, more planning, more efforts, more perfection, more management, more security, and more involvement from every corner. It is DURGA PUJA.

Well! I was out from all online acts during the past one year. Previously, I was on facebook.  I was on forums. I was on myriads of other social sites, a SOCIAL-ANIMAL desperately  consuming every bit of social tastes.

Strange things happen in universe, in world, in India, in Bengal in Kolkata as well as in my personal life, I tasted the flavour of social activities a lot, did my best to develop CakePHP based Applications, and finally, everything came to a standstill.

I just had a BLOCK.

A block that ate up my unputdownable CHARACTER to persist.

 Oflate I read a CHETAN BHAGAT book, Half-Girlfried. The story of Madhav played a trick on me. The last few lines I can recall. When Shyam failed to put the ball inside the basket, Madhav insisted his son to keep on trying as "It will happen someday!".

So, this probably explains this resumption or calling back of old habits. However, I'll, anyway, probably not be on facebook any more. I would rather share my stories peacefully in this blog - my travel stories, stories of my passion for music and literature, and something different at times.

There is no appeal for anyone right now. Thanks for reading this trivia peacefully.

Happy Mahalaya!

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